God Lifted My Burden!

Testify (5:26)

Father God restored my joy and lifted my burden. Even though it’s been a year and a half since my Babycakes passed, I was still so brokenhearted. Every time the image would come to my mind of him breathing out his last long breath, I would feel such awful pain. Whether I managed not to cry or not, it was still there. I took it to God and asked him to take it. And he did it. He lifted my burden. I have new meaning for our Lord’s words, “Come to me those who are weary and heavy laden.”

I think it didn’t even occur to me to do this because I still struggled with unforgiveness. I had to forgive Father God, myself, the paramedics that didn’t come until an hour later. Even then, they rode in the neighborhood with no lights or emergency feel about them. When they got there, I heard myself say is he still breathing? He said, “Oh no, he’s long gone…” I had to forgive the clinic that saw him the day before and prescribed gas medicine for indigestion instead of discerning his heart failing, and the Emergency Room that saw him the day before that for releasing him saying he always had these symptoms…

I’ve never really played the blame game but this was so personal. And me why did I do things the way I did them? Why didn’t I discern better his emergency and insisted we drive to the hospital instead waiting for stupid ambulance. And God, Father God I asked him to fix it. But I never even thought it would be fixed this way. So, to sum it up, I had to forgive myself, Father God, Varn and the rest. As soon as I did that, it came to me that this burden was to heavy to carry.

I’ve been testifying wherever I am. It is such a big deal to me. Not only that, even after lifting the burden I still had no joy. My joy was long gone, it seemed. I went to church and the minister preached on God Restoring Your Joy. Father God did it on that day. He smiled on me and lifted my head once again.

And you know my friend, he can do it for you as well, if you need. Just turn to him and ask him to remove it. He will. Jesus already paid the price on the hill of the skull, Golgotha. Maybe some of you are like I was. You need to forgive. Forgive who you need to forgive. Then you will see it removed. It’s too heavy, the burden of grief. Besides that, you don’t have to. Let it go. Release and forgive today.

-Love, Earma


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