The Honor Code & Responsibility by Pastor Earma Brown

Gods Honor Code Part 2

Our father God wants us to be responsible in our society. Jesus was talking about responsibility when he told the story about the Good Shepherd. Of course, he is our Good Shepherd. But we are his under shepherds in the earth. Remember, he said the law was fulfilled with, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” He said, the Good Shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. But the hired hand runs off at the first sign of trouble.

Benny Hinn said about his drive to fulfill the great commission of the gospel, Father God gave me a vision that people were falling over into a great inferno of fire and said, “If you don’t preach the gospel, you’ll be held responsible.” Rheinhardt Bunke was just seen saying, I felt responsible for Africa. So, I went after it with my whole heart and being…” He’s best known for gathering over a half million souls in one crusade.

I know, maybe Father God hasn’t called you to world evangelism or world missions but he has called you to tend a small flock in your local area. Or he has planted you and called you to support the man and woman of God in your local church. Now, I’m asking us, what are we being held responsible for? Have you been called to tend God’s lambs, His sheep? Have you been called to support the man and woman of God? Either way, are they struggling because you’re not in place. Don’t
get me wrong. I’m not coming with a condemning spirit or attitude. That’s not my place. I don’t know what your life is like, at this moment, what you have gone through to get to this point. I simply encourage you to be responsible and take up God’s call to do what he has called you to do. I pray that Father God will strengthen you to fulfill his call through the Spirit and might of our Lord Jesus. Please pray the same for me. Here are some things that will help us be responsible in
the kingdom of God or continue to be responsible.

Let Jesus Be Lord of Your Life. Sometimes, it’s as simple as that, we’ve accepted Jesus as Saviour. He’s saved us and is still saving us, day by day. But has he become our Lord as well. Or is he only allowed in certain areas of your life? If not already, let Jesus be Lord over your whole life. Serve in your local church with a whole heart as if you were serving the Lord himself. You know because, remember you kinda are serving the Lord himself in all you do.

Make a commitment to God, His Word, His Way. Don’t forsake the assembling of yourself in the church. And when you get weary, remember who your commitment is to and it’ll help you keep going. This is especially true for those who are in their serving season. That’s one reason, it’s a good idea to present and sign those one-year commitments for your teams.
You don’t have to make it like a jail sentence. But it becomes a good time to check in with your teams and see what’s going on in their life. Or find out if they’re still able and willing to commit their support.

Accept your servant leader’s call. Whether we’re in your leading or serving season, we’re responsible for our gifts and calling. When Father God inspired the New Testament writer to say, “God’s calling and gifts are without repentance.” It offers us a glimpse of how serious God takes what he gives us. The story of the talents gives us further insight when the two and five talent recipients were rewarded when they used their gifts and multiplied what they received. The one who received least, indeed only one, was thrown out because he buried it and did nothing with it. So, even if it’s small in our eyes right now, we’re still responsible for it. It’s the same story, years ago, that brought conviction to my heart about my lack of using what God gave me. I started using it. Since, then I can say to God be the glory I’ve been using and multiplying what
God gave me. Eventually, it led to what I’m doing now. Leading and teaching in the Body of Christ at large accross the nation and across the globe with our online Bible studies, courses and books. Of course, I know many of you remember my little stick men and cartoon graphics… I pray you can say the same. If not, it’s not too late to do what I did years ago, repent and start afresh.

Be filled with the Holy Spirit and follow His leading. In the Bible, several times the Deacon Stephen was said to be filled with the Holy Spirit. This particular time, Stephen filled with the Holy Spirit went down this road less traveled and came upon an Ethiopian official reading scripture. Over and over, he read the scripture without understanding, “He was led to slaughter without saying a word…” Upon seeing Deacon Stephen he invited him into the chariot. The deacon asked if he understood what he was reading. He responded with how can I understand unless it is explained to me. The word of God says, Stephen saw an opportunity, at that moment and starting with that scripture, he preached Christ to the
Ethiopian. I say to you, all around us are opportunities to preach, teach and live Christ. Let us seize the moment in our leading, in our serving and in our living to Live Christ.

Let me close with this cute little story about a man of God. This man’s mother dropped by right before church one Sunday. To her surprise, the man wasn’t even dressed and didn’t even look like he was going to church. She looked at his wife with a questioning look. She just, in a nice way, rolled her eyes like he’s not listening to me. She was surprised because this man was a faithful church goer. He kept saying, why do I have to go? I just don’t feel like it this morning. His mother with a stern look said, “Because for one you’re the Pastor…” You know this applies to each of us. Because we all at one time or another just don’t feel like being responsible.

We don’t feel like being on time. Like the Pastor, we may not even feel like going at all. But we’re the assigned teacher. We’re the usher; we’re the greeter. Even better, we’re the children’s worker. Or we’re the armorbearer and we just don’t feel like being there this time. This is the time, when we don’t go by our feelings or whatever is seeking to distract us. This is the time, we remember who our commitment is to. Oh yeah, Jesus is our Lord and we’re not doing it (leading or serving) in our own strength anyway. We’re doing it God’s way, in the power of his Spirit and His might.

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