Thank you for your interest. Here’s a collection of excerpts from Pastor Earma’s sermons, teachings and speaking. Enjoy!

Keep The Dream Alive And Failure 1 Minute

Keep The Dream Alive Accept Jesus 49 seconds

Count Your Right To Vote Precious 60 seconds

Christian Billionaire Story 1:45 Minute

Summary of King And Priest Series Summary 2:47

ARISE And Shine REIGN As Priest 1:00

Gather Anointing REIGN As Priest 1:00 Minute

Help Pastor – King And Priest 1:52 Minute

Conquest King and Priest Reign As King 2:02 Minutes

Excerpt Your Assignment – King And Priest 6 – 4:48 Minutes

4:19 minutes – The King And Priest, Part 6

The God Of Recompense, Part 6


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