Your Happy Ending By Pastor Earma Brown

Join Me In The Fight Against Sex Trafficking Bullying And Domestic Violence

Join me in helping another woman have a happy ending. SHE may be your sister, your mother, your cousin, your friend but most of all she is ME. I am victor and not victim anymore. But it wasn’t always that way. Here’s a short list of my Grace trophies: I was once distressed, barely could talk stutterer, hopeless, shamed, raped, trapped, kicked around, beat up, fractured ribs, concussion, breast surgery, cervix surgery, and miscarriage, 11 tumors removed from womb, DV survivor…

Yet I live to glorify God with His Recompense still unfolding in my life. He said He ALWAYS does it. He ALWAYS recompense; you can expect yours too. So, you see that’s why I’m so passionate. No, I didn’t choose to get my passion that way but truth be told some was the result of my walking away from God as a youngster, the wrong choices following and the downward trend of my life. Either way, it’s the reason I’m no one’s judge. And those that are holding on for rescue, looking for the Word of life from God are not judging me either.

Consider joining me in the fight against sex trafficking, bullying and domestic violence. Every WOW product purchased in the month of August we donate $5 to Restored Hope Ministries.

Click here to donate or click the tab SHOP and shop WOW. Help me meet my goal of $2000.


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