Armorbearer Training Tip #5

Destiny Starts With Serve

Yet, I still belong to you, you are holding my right hand. You will keep on guiding me with your counsel, leading me to a glorious destiny. Psalm 73:23,24 A young (11 year old) relative of mine, kept asking his youth pastor could he start serving as an usher. At that point they didn’t have […]

Seeds Of Greatness by Pastor Earma Brown

Seeds Of Greatness

Returning To Our First Love Have you realized when you drift away from God, you always stay longer than you anticipated and you go further than you ever thought you would go? That’s exactly what happened to me as a teenager. I loved to read Bible stories as a five year old. There was a […]

The Birthright Blessing

The Birthright Blessing

Latest Grace Covenant Podcast just dropped! It’s called ‘The Birthright Blessing And What May Be Blocking Your Blessing SHOWNOTES: Click here The Birthright Blessing 3 Part Audio Set now available or (Click the Graphic to download now) If you’ve been blessed by the messages, prayerfully consider partnering with Pastor Earma in sharing the Gospel of […]

The Honor Code & Responsibility by Pastor Earma Brown

Gods Honor Code Part 2

Our father God wants us to be responsible in our society. Jesus was talking about responsibility when he told the story about the Good Shepherd. Of course, he is our Good Shepherd. But we are his under shepherds in the earth. Remember, he said the law was fulfilled with, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” He […]

The Honor Code & Responsibility by Pastor Earma Brown

Gods Honor Code Part 1

The Honor Code & Responsibility Recently, I spoke to a group of women about a season in my life where I finally came to a place where I was fed up with my own excuses and the blame game. I said, essentially, ‘Self it’s time you take responsibility for your own mistakes and yes, your […]

God Lifted My Burden!

Testify (5:26) Father God restored my joy and lifted my burden. Even though it’s been a year and a half since my Babycakes passed, I was still so brokenhearted. Every time the image would come to my mind of him breathing out his last long breath, I would feel such awful pain. Whether I managed […]

Your Irrevocable Gifts And Calling

Years ago, I thought I was cursed. My gifting was causing so much trouble in my life. The people around me had with good intentions told me I must have sin in my life for this to be happening to me. They had heard of no one like me. The Irrevocable Gifts and Calling of […]

Episode 15 Grace Covenant Podcast Special Edition Keeping The Dream Alive

SHOW NOTES: Keeping The Dream Alive Speech presented at FC Civic Center on Dr. King’s birthday for St. Francis Quartet Singing Union at Gospel Gala Event by Apostle Dorothy & Bishop Haskell. For more information about booking Pastor Earma for your event, click here. Episode 15 Keeping The Dream Alive sponsored by and Grace […]