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Grace Covenant Ministry Of The Word

  • Latest Bible study at Wednesdays In The Word: Growing Up In Christ
  • Latest study on the Sunday Sermon Program: Unpacking Your Great Inheritance
  • Live Studies on the way! And Wednesdays In The Word On Location in the works.
  • New season of GCC Podcasts are live! #wellworththelisten


WOW! Women Global

God has big plans for you!

NEW! Special Edition Of WOW! Women Podcast: Calling For The Peacemakers.


Helps Ministry Group

The Honor Code & Responsibility by Pastor Earma Brown

If you love Armorbearing and Servant Leadership, you’ll love this community. Click the link below, special discounts, fun giveaways and more. Introduce yourself and where you serve in the house of God. Printable Armorbearer Training Binder – Free Download for first twenty to join Helps Ministry Group. A few left, go here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ministryofhelps/

Christian Women Authors & Publishers

“This is the season of the Woman!” proclaims Pastor Earma. Interested joining this group on the ground floor? Click here for more information.                 Details on the way!