The YOU Turn And Gods Call For Personal Penitence To Turn From Wrong Ways

What Kind Of TURN Are You Making? After the death of my husband a little over two years ago and the recent murder of my oldest son, God showed me a few things. I died to what people think about my passion and fervor for God. I care less and less about what they think about what He has called me to do and how he has called me to do it. Therefore, I do my best to say what He says.

The YOU Turn

I sense a major TURN coming. I know. It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to know something has to change with all this praying to the faithful God we serve. Back to this TURN: some will turn it up (you know, they were quiet before–after this they will be wild men & women for J-E-S-U-S), some will turn into laser beams of God’s light (quietly focused, energetic, God purposed, walking in His will and His way.)

Some will turn it out, turn it loose, turn back to God, turn it on for Jesus. Many are coming to Christ for the first time. They are discovering joining the church and believing on the Lord is not the same conversation. Accepting Christ is confessing with your mouth you are sinner, receiving Jesus as Saviour and believing in your heart He died for your sins and God raised him from the dead so you could receive eternal life.

It’s hard to imagine but some will actually turn away from Christ. Their hearts will harden because at this moment of time, there is no middle ground. Yet while today is called today, we continue to reach for them before it is too late. We claim their lives on the blood of the Lamb. We ask the Lord of the Great Harvest that perfect laborers be set in their path to give them the word and nothing but the word, somebody that they’ll listen to, the Father knows who that is. We pray that they come to know Jesus as Lord.

Others are turning to God like never before. The danger for us is turning for a little while and then going back to the old way or ways. Or turning a little bit, half-heartedly but missing the mark.

Avoid Missing The Mark

How can we avoid missing the mark? Keep it going…til we pray through, til our change comes. -Job 14:14

Don’t let up now. We don’t want to miss God’s best, His full blessing, His great opportunity, His miracles… because we got up off our knees TOO fast. We cut ourselves short and went back to our old ways. TOO often we fell short of HIS intentions for Good, HIS best because we were an impatient people living in a microwaved, fast paced society. We see and consume more information in a couple of days than our ancestors saw in a year…

One of the greatest opportunities has been, we were forced to not continually go somewhere instead we had to stay home, slow down, sit still, lay down –some of us to humble ourselves, pray and seek his face, turn from our bad ways so Father God would hear us and heal our land.

Personal Penitence

So, keep it going a little longer, stay humble, praying, seeking his face and repenting. I led us repenting on behalf of our nation…Hopefully, you joined me. Now let’s get personal. Trust me, I’ve been repenting about everything and anything. Why? I’m applying the 2 Chr. 7:14 part that says TURN from your wicked ways. And so, that nothing will hinder us. I invite you to join me in personally repenting.

For some of you, don’t be like that. I’m not suggesting anything strange or abnormal for God’s people. (The Holy Spirit showed some of you have been on the baby bottle of milk of the word of God too long.) It’s a basic element of our foundation of faith–repentance from dead works in 2 Peter. So, here’s how mine went. See below. Use it as inspiration or a starting point for your prayer of repentance during this season.

You see confessing sin is not a one-time event at our new birth in Christ. Yes, we should not be living a life style of sin anymore. Our life is holy in Christ. Father God would not have said, “Be ye holy as I am holy,” if it could not be done. Yet, we still live in a fallen world with a fallen nature. We are on the journey of growing up in Christ. We still have stuff that we deal with, overcome and conquer in time. Jesus work is finished; the more we can believe in that finished work of Christ, the better. But ours is barely beginning as we work out our salvation in repentance and reverence for a holy God.

Walk In The Light

The Apostle John said it best, “But if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin. If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” -1 John 1:7,8,9

My Prayer of Repentance (May it inspire you to pray your own)
Father, in humility I continue to pray, seek your face and repent of my own bad ways. I repent of selfishness, having a hard heart, not caring enough about people. Grant me your compassion and love for people, especially the people of God. I repent of spiritual pride and being puffed up with knowledge. Forgive me of envy, jealousy, evil speech contrary to your will about myself or anybody else. Forgive me of gossip and slander. Forgive me for trying to give the impression that everything is perfect with me and my life. Holy Spirit strengthen me to live and have my being more and more in Jesus. Forgive me of being a know-it-all. I ask for a spirit of wisdom and revelation so that I may know our Father God better. Forgive me of prayerlessness and my own laziness about Bible Study. I’m sorry for harboring unforgiveness and offense. I forgive and release those people. I loose and let go of all ill feelings, resentment, criticism, judgment, offense, rejection and unforgiveness. I put all of that under the blood of Jesus and the Christ within that it may be resolved and healed. Now, Father, I know you are faithful and just to forgive me when I ask and not only that cleanse me of all unrighteousness. I am now open and receptive to receive YOUR best blessings and highest good toward me. Amen.

Pastor Earma

Media Pastor, 12 book Author and Founder

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