Armorbearer Training 4 Book Set


Armorbearer Training 4 book set


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Ready for Team Training? Make the spirit of servanthood contagious. The Armorbearer Training Series bundle of books gives you the insight and tools needed to develop a strong chain of support in your local church team. Together leaders and supporters may bring in a more fruitful harvest. Buy one for every leader and/or supporter in your church! Visit for bulk discounts:

In the Spirit of Armorbearing (original paperback) Wondering where to start your study of armorbearing? The In the Spirit of Armorbearing book (paperback) was designed just for you. Get your copy today and get started! (revised and expanded too) $12.99

In The Spirit of Armorbearing Devotional: A Devotion To Serve. Ready to refresh your team, support ministries or leadership? Get a copy of Varn and Earma Brown’s A Devotion to Serve, a devotional designed to reinforce the spiritual precepts presented in the original In the Spirit of Armorbearing book. There are a couple of pages for fifty-two weeks with a Bible verse, a devotional reading and a space for your thoughts and reflections.
Its interactive format invites you to trace your journey toward a closer relationship with God and your spiritual leaders. The readings are filled with truths from the Brown’s A Devotion to Serve columns and book ministry. The book is written with character, passion and practical insight.
Developing a devotion to serve requires discipline and commitment—a real call from God. The A Devotion to Serve devotional book is a unique and valuable guide for helping you refresh and revive your spiritual service to God and in your daily life. $11.99

In the Spirit of Armorbearing Study Edition (paperback) The In the Spirit of Armorbearing Study Guide (paperback) has been written to help you fulfill your call to effectively help God’s leaders as servants of Christ. Earma presents and challenges you to apply biblical armorbearing and ministry of helps to your life of service. She utilizes a simple five step process to guide your personal study or your small group study. $14.99

In The Spirit Of Leadership Are you an armor bearer in training or responsible for training a group of servant leaders, armor bearers or leadership and support teams in the local church? Get ready to train your leaders and support ministries in a spirit of servant leadership. Earma Brown, in the first Armorbearer Training Series book confirmed God’s authority structure in the local church included leaders and supporters, inspiring an explosion of amorbearer and helps teams around the world.
Three book author and Minister of the Gospel Varn Brown continues the legacy in the fourth book of the Armor Bearer Training Series: In the Spirit of Leadership – Inspiring Lessons For God’s Mighty Men and Women. Compassion, courage and power come when we follow God into service in every area of our lives-and become men and women after His own heart.
With contagious passion, respect and honor for God’s house and His authority structure, Brown shares practical, scriptural insights on how one can learn relevant lessons from biblical characters like King David, his mighty men, Prophets Elijah and Elisha, Prince Johnathan, John the Baptist and others. $15.99

New Bonus with 4 Book Set order

An 80+ page printable Helps Ministry School Binder filled with planner, checklist, highly practical tips, wall art, coloring pages, team building tips, study guide and more. 4 Book Set will be shipped when inventory is restocked in two weeks. (Printable Binder is available immediately but Download only – nothing will be shipped)

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