Armorbearer Training Binder (Small Group License)


The Armorbearer Training Binder includes beautiful, color printables for your personal study time. Or if you want to study as a group purchase the small group study license  where you can print out the items up to 30 copies for your class or book club.


Small Group License of the 8.5×11 Armorbearer Training Binder (1 inch 3-ring Binder*) is now available! The Armorbearer Training Binder* includes beautiful, color printables.  For your study as a group purchase this small group study license where you can print out the items up to 30 copies for your Bible study, class or book club. If you need more than 30 copies, contact us. For example, if you head or own a ministry school or a church/ministry organization, we would love for you to use our materials but contact us so we can let you know the pricing. Thank you.

An 80+ page printable *Armorbearer Training Binder filled with planner, checklist, highly practical tips, wall art, coloring pages, team building tips, study guide and more. *Downloadable file – nothing will be shipped


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