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Living The Prayer Fulfilled Life Book I

Living The Prayer Fulfilled Life by Earma Brown

You can hear the voice of the Lord for you, your family and your world. In fact, every believer has the capacity to hear and know God intimately. There are many distractions and hindrances that would keep us from hearing God. Couple that with our fleshly nature that is opposed to hearing God (Romans 8:7) and you have the equation for no real relationship with our Lord.

There’s good news! Our Father God through His Son Jesus has made provision for us to hear him and enjoy an intimate relationship with him. In fact, he desires a relationship with us his children–sheep. Why else would he stand at the door of our heart and knock. Revelation 3:20

Living the Prayer Fulfilled Life builds a scriptural foundation upon which the principles of hearing the voice of God is built. Author and Bible teacher, Earma Brown establishes through Scripture that we are His sheep and His sheep listen to His voice. In this book you will discover how to:

==> Discern God speaking by His Son Jesus, His Holy Spirit and His Word.
==> Identify and annihilate the hindrances and substitutes for hearing God.
==> Test what you hear every time in the light of God’s Word.
==> Use the Word of God to put ACTION in your prayers.
==> Pray the prayer of intercession until the answers come.
==> Live the prayer fulfilled life receiving the answers to your prayers.
==> Pray prayers that avail much in this life and the hereafter!
==> Pattern your prayers after famous prayers in the Bible.
==> Learn principles that make your prayers worth the wait.

Your prayers fulfilled will become an anointed flow of God’s voice to you, your family and your world!You will experience true friendship with God – all through hearing and obeying the voice of the Lord on a daily basis.


Living The Prayer Fulfilled Life Devotional and 30 Rules Of Receiving Answered Prayer

Living The Prayer Fulfilled Life Devotional by Earma Brown

Earma Brown, twelve book Christian author of the companion devotional to Living The Prayer Fulfilled Life, reaffirms that Father God searches all over the world to find those who are committed to him to show himself strong on their behalf.

Each devotional is written to help you explore ways you can get answers to your prayers yourself, then teach this inspiring message of Christ to a small group, and become a blessing to the Body of Christ.

Filled with interesting insights and thought-provoking statements, this devotional helps you receive long-awaited answers to your prayers, develop an intimate relationship with Father God like never before. Inside this book you will discover how to do five things:

  1. Learn and practice the seven principles of sowing and reaping; leave these out of your prayer life and it could be even longer before you get answers.
  2. Use Earma’s Seven P Acronymn and resolve the famous question ‘Is There Anything Too Hard For The Lord?’ with your own answered prayers.
  3. Unveil the mystery of receiving answered prayer with Jesus’ Seed And Sower Story; settle this and doubt disappears.
  4. Inherit the promises of God with faith and the little thought of virtue. With this knowledge, you can banish faith failures forever.
  5. Enjoy the LTPFL Prayer Toolkit: How To MEDITATE, The Names Of God Study Guide, 40 Personalized Prayer Scriptures to strengthen your faith in God and receive even more answered prayers.

Put these principles to practice and the book ‘Living The Prayer Fulfilled Life Devotional is sure to become a resource you and your family will refer time and time again, filled with practical ways to empower you in hearing God for yourself, your family and your world.


Prayer Fulfilled Life Book III: Living The Divine Yes


The third book Living The Divine Yes, is an important toolkit for the Prayer Fulfilled Life book series. Twelve book, Christian Author Earma Brown continues the journey with training her readers with an ear to hear the Lord more and more. She empowers them with the lessons she and other insightful Christian teachers have learned about prayer. Inside this book you will discover how to:

  • Receive the divine yes that every believer already has but many don’t know about and how it could change everything about the way you currently pray.
  • Learn what you should know about your covenant with God and how to activate it so you receive the power of blessing like never before.
  • Discover the ever increasing kingdom of God, Jesus paid a horrible price for you to receive.
  • Multiply your prayer power exponentially with the audacious power to ask.
  • Elevate your life by asking for more than you think, imagine or ask and why you should never leave this out of your petitions.
  • Change your inner image to match the greater YOU Father God sees in you.
  • Increase your faith to believe and receive, line by line and precept by precept.
  • Continue in faith and victory and never give up.
  • Discover seven more powerful rules of receiving answered prayer.
  • Use the LTDY Prayer Toolkit: How To Meditate On The Word of God with 101 Personalized Prayer Scriptures.

Your prayers answered more and more will become an anointed flow of God’s voice to you, your family and your world! You will experience true friendship with God – all through hearing and obeying the voice of the Lord on a daily basis.

Prayer Fulfilled Life Book IV
Living The Blessed Life

Earma Brown and Varn Brown

 Prayer Fulfilled Life Book IV: Living The Blessed Life by Varn Brown and Earma Brown

The fourth book of the Prayer Fulfilled Life book series is Living The Blessed Life. It is an important book in the series, designed to take you and your life to the next level of living your faith out loud.
Twenty book, Christian Authors Earma Brown and Varn Brown continue the journey with training their readers to live the blessed life more and more. They empower them to put action to their prayers to receive more
more answers. Take the journey with them and discover how to:

  • Choose hope and blessing every time with every decision.
  • Leverage a good understanding that safeguards the word of God in your life.
  • Use your conscience and convictions to hear God.
  • Seize the season of your life and why you may miss it, if you don’t.
  • Discover five and more glorious reasons to walk in God’s will and his way.
  • Find out how to reverence God and speed your life up because He will do it for you.
  • Set a watch over your words and what happends if you don’t.
  • War with the word of God; mishandling this may do more harm than good.
  • Fight the good F.I.G.H.T. of faith and never give up.
  • Defeat the giants of your generation, once and for all for your children’s children.
  • Break the generational curse and pray the prayer of release.
  • Activate the blessing through prayer, faith, patience and action.
  • Live the blessed life through obedience, prayer, and confessing the blessing and so much more.

Using the principles inside this book, your answered prayers begin to build the blessed life you’ve been yearning for. You will experience an adventure with God because he is leading you every step of the way into the blessed life, he planned for you all along, a future, a hope for an expected end, your destiny.


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