The Power Of God Course: Arise And Shine

The Power Of God Course Arise And Shine

(New Discipleship Course) The Power Of God is finally complete and available to sign-up! The lessons are power-packed and in Pastor Earma’s usual style of practical and explosive preaching and teaching. Pastor Earma preaches fourteen short sermons from the Unpacking Your Gifts Of Inheritance Starting With Power. The audios are now the newest discipleship course. Listen to the Preaching/Teaching Mixer video below to get a sample of the lessons. The video is filled with multiple Power Of God Course excerpts from the lessons.

Inside the course you will find:

Arise & Shine

14 Lesson Audio Course (MP3s)

Audio 1: Perishing For Lack Of Knowledge (22:45)

Audio 2: The Dual Role Of King And Priests Rev. 5:10 (14:22)

Audio 3: Season Of Elevation (19:14)

Audio 4: You Need The Power (19:20)

Audio 5:The Power To Believe & Witness (24:10)

Audio 6: Seven Powers Of The Blood Of Jesus P1 (19:52)

Audio 7: Seven Powers Of The Blood Of Jesus P2 (15:12)

Audio 8: The Gift Of Significance The Name Blood & Word (27:54)

Audio 9: Names For The Church (12:17)

Audio 10: Overcoming The Enemy Of Insignificance & Encouraging Intercessors (34:28)

Audio 11: A Word About Satan & The Jehovah Names (34:50)

Audio 12: The Name Of Jesus (25:46)

Audio 13: The Sword Of The Spirit: 11 Powers Of The Word Of God, P1 (24:11)

Audio 14: The Sword Of The Spirit, 11 Powers Of The Word Of God, P2 & Intercession For Steve Harvey Testimony (18:19)

Preaching Mixer Excerpts From The Power Of God Course

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