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Women Preacher Mixer #27 contains excerpts from a sermon called Proceed To The Route by Pastor Earma Brown after her son was murdered. Her son’s murder was announced on the regional FOX 9:00 p.m. news that it was the first homicide of the year 2020 in Pulaski County of Arkansas. In this sermonette, broken-hearted but strong Pastor Earma makes another stunning declaration that the Genesis 4:10 scripture is a principle not just an archaic history fact in the Bible. Her text for part two of the message was What have you done? Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to Me from the ground. Genesis 4:10 Amen. She further goes on to say, that murder is a stupid crime. Explaining that she’s not saying it for an insult but as the truth. “In our day, we’re known for saying, speak your truth. Well here’s my truth,” says Pastor Earma, “One reason murder is a stupid crime is because the murderer and those who contributed to it think there’s little to no chance they’ll get caught…”

Sermonette Transcript

A Special Tribute Sermon to Varn Brown, Jr and those who have died an unjust death whose blood cries out from the ground. -Genesis 4:10

I wasn’t on the program at my son’s funeral. I began to feel like I must say something, although at that point I was so hurt over Varn,Jr’s death,(murder) I didn’t have any idea of what I would say.

So, I asked for a few minutes of expression as his Mom anyway. I was given the task of reading an Old Testament scripture. As a stand against all the drama that was swirling around me being on the program. I said fine, I’ll make it work. God will give me something and help me fit it into the tiny spot I was given to express myself as Varn’s step mom.

I limited myself to a few minutes. I didn’t want to break protocol, because again, I’m against drama and against, all, these games that people play for whatever reason. I do not fully understand why people go through that? But it happens. So anyway, I was given a few minutes to express a Scripture. The scripture that God gave me was Genesis 4: 8 to 10. And since the time constraints were so tight, I ended up just reading verse 10.

Since I am not under that constraint with this message, I’m gonna read you Genesis 4: 8 through 10 and it says, now Cain talks with Abel, his brother, and it came to pass when they were in the field that Cain rose up against Abel and killed him. Then the Lord said to Cain, Where is Abel? Your brother? He said, I do not know. Am I my brother’s keeper and then the verse 10, “And he said, What have you done? Listen, the voice of your brother’s blood cries out to Me from the ground.” And yes, I did read that.

It was the first murder in Scripture. And in the word of God was Cain
and Abel. It’s important to note… Maybe the Lord allowed me not to read the full scripture in the service because I didn’t want any hint of anything slanted toward my son’s brother. I didn’t want that. And perhaps it would have seemed like that. You know, I didn’t want that. I wouldn’t have had the time to explain anything very much. And so I ended up with just the the 10th verse which reads: But he says, “What have you done? Listen. He said, Listen, the voice of your brother’s blood cries out from the ground.

And I said, that’s a principle! It’s not just an Old Testament Scripture, that’s sitting on the shelf getting dusty. That’s a principle that’s active in this life, not just in the days of old. But it’s a principle that’s active in the New Testament! And that principle says, with an unjust death, “The blood cries out from the ground! So my son that has died unjustly, his blood cries out from the ground!” And I said, “Do you know what his blood is saying? His blood is saying vengeance is the Lord’s. Yes, we are under grace but that principle still applies.

For example, the blood of the Jews that were so unjustly treated, I know sin brought them to that position. Nevertheless, the unjust treatment of the Jews, their blood cried out from the ground! The slaves, the Negro slaves, the unjust deaths that happened, the ones that fell along the way. And nobody knew. They didn’t even know their name. But their blood cried out from the ground.

Their blood cried out from the ground and it said I lived and I died. But God sees and he knows, God sees. And He knows. Perhaps they were just tossed aside, covered over and their body decayed in the ground. Nobody seemingly knowing any different. Just a slave. They’re not even human! They said. Just slaves. But I present to you today that principle is still active.

Again, I say, He noticed.

Precious in the sight of the Lord are the death of his Saints. It’s precious to him. I

t’s precious to him and for his purpose. He allowed it, but he didn’t author it. He didn’t author it.

You know, what it’s also crying out. I was able to say this at the funeral. His blood, my son’s blood is also crying out. Are you ready? Yes. Vengeance is the Lord’s. I’m okay here in heaven. I’m out of that drama. I had a relationship with Christ. My name was written in the Lamb’s book of life. His blood is saying all that, but is yours? Is yours written in there? Is your life, right with God? You see, I don’t think he woke up that morning saying listen, I’ll be in heaven tonight before 10. I know I didn’t wake up that morning and say, I’m gonna lose a son tonight. I didn’t do that.

Jesus said these days, are even like the days of Noah when he was building that big boat and they laughed him to scorn. They laughed him to scorn, never having seen rain. They rejected the truth. And the Bible says they went on about their normal activity giving and receiving in marriage. They were doing business day to day, like usual. But it did rain. The rain came, the flood came, the destruction came. His justice.

And Jesus said, just like in the days of Noah, it will come. I will come again! Jesus will come again. And when God said, Listen, his blood cries out from the ground. His blood is saying, Are you ready? Have you believed and received Jesus as savior? Have you made things right with God? Have you made peace with God? When you do that, your name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

When Jesus sent the disciples out two by two, he gave them power to lay hands on the sick and see them recover and cast out devils. And all of what Mark says that we should do as believers. He gave them that same authority through Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Those who believed he sent them out and they came back to Jesus in victory, seeing people recovered in raising up the sick and casting out devils. They came back and said, It works! It works, Jesus it works. And Jesus corrected. They’re thinking immediately, he said, “Don’t rejoice at that, because the demons obey you, rejoice that your names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. And so we as family members and friends, we can rejoice that Varn Junior’s name was written in The Lamb’s Book of Life, Varn Brown senior’s name was written in The Lamb’s Book of Life. We should rejoice for to be absent from the body is to be present with Christ. But can your family members rejoice if that were to happen to you? Would your family members rejoice, or would they have questions about where you really went?

Because you see, I don’t have to preach long and hard to you. You know what’s right. There’s enough Gospel flowing through where you are, to save the whole world. I’m not talking to people that haven’t ever heard the words of the gospel, and this may reach them. But I’m talking to people that probably have already heard the Gospel, but they haven’t received it or they’ve outright rejected it.

I’m telling you now that my son’s death and many others not just him but many others that have gone on and their names were written in the Lamb’s Book of life. Their blood is crying out. You don’t know how much time you have. None of us do. Definitely, we can believe and trust God that we will have 70 and 80 plus, if we have the strength, the word of God says. But none of us really know. So the key is to be ready and stay ready. Be ready and stay ready.

I close with this,

a homicide, a murder is a stupid crime.

You know, any crime is stupid, but especially murder. I’m gonna tell you why in a minute. Stay with me. Let me give you a quick definition of stupidity. Stupidity, Webster says it’s a behavior that shows a lack of good sense or good judgment? Yeah, that’s what stupidity is. On the Forest Gump movie, Forrest Gump’s mother would say, “stupid is as stupid does.”

Murder is an activity. And for some people that are evil, it’s a behavior, its a behavior. And there are evil people out there. You know, there are such things as crimes of passion. You’re stupid to do that too because of the lack of self control. But we’re not talking about a lack of self control. So I say that any crime is stupid and especially murder. But it’s stupid because the murderer, the one who pulled the trigger, and not just the one that pulled the trigger, but the ones that contributed to it too.

For whatever reason, whatever they think they will gain, some of them may achieve it. They may gain it, but it’s stupid because they think they’re not gonna get caught. They think there’s not a God above who sits high and looks low and sees all things. Remember that part, I said, earlier where God sees all things, He’s sovereign. He allowed it. But it also says, the word of God says he is a God, that vengeance is his. Vengeance is his. I say that again. He’s a vengeaful God. Here’s a God that recompense. He pays back and he troubles those that troubles us Saints. All of that is in the word of God.

So, let me tell you one final reason that murder is stupid. And I’m not saying it for insult. I’m saying it because it is truth. You know, they have a phrase going now in our day. Speak your truth. Well here’s my truth, a murderer commits a stupid crime because the murderer thinks that God won’t do anything about it. The God won’t bring justice, but he will.

It may not be in our timing, but his timing is perfect, and that’s the principle that I have learned more and more throughout my life and the lives that I’ve observed it in. God’s timing is perfect. He will bring justice. He will, and he will bring retribution. That’s why I pray mercy. I pray mercy, grace, God’s grace. So to God be the glory to God Be all the glory. I ask for your prayers. I ask for your prayers and not just for me, but for my family and my son’s friends and all the people that were affected by his life and his death. They are really hurting.

And if a life has been taken in your family, I pray for you with the same comfort and compassion that God has on me and my family. I pray it for you that you receive it, that you walk into forgiveness that God has commanded us to do. I forgive that person and anyone that contributed to it.

I know they haven’t found the person, but I believe through the Holy Spirit’s prompting and showing me things that it was some people if not another person, contributed to it. God sees that too. He knows the intentions of our heart. It may or may not come out, but it just might. And even if it doesn’t, God still sees it. Guys still sees it. So that’s it for me today. God bless you.

Pastor Earma Brown, 12 book Christian Author, Speaker And Indie Publisher

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