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Women Preachers Sermon Mixer by Pastor Earma Murder is a Stupid Crime


A homicide, a murder is a stupid crime. You know, any crime is stupid, but especially murder. I’m gonna tell you why in a minute. Stay with me. Let me give you a quick definition of stupidity. Stupidity, Webster says it’s a behavior that shows a lack of good sense or good judgment? Yeah, that’s what stupidity is. On the Forest Gump movie, Forrest Gump’s mother would say, “stupid is as stupid does.”

Murder is an activity. And for some people that are evil, it’s a behavior, its a behavior. And there are evil people out there. You know, there are such things as crimes of passion. You’re stupid to do that too because of the lack of self control. But we’re not talking about a lack of self control. So I say that any crime is stupid and especially murder. But it’s stupid because the murderer, the one who pulled the trigger, and not just the one that pulled the trigger, but the ones that contributed to it too.

There’s scripture that says, “My close friends have prevailed against me. My feet have sunk into the mire clay…

For whatever reason, whatever they think they will gain, some of them may achieve it. They may gain it, but it’s stupid because they think they’re not gonna get caught. They think there’s not a God above who sits high and looks low and sees all things. Remember that part, I said, earlier where God sees all things, He’s sovereign. He allowed it. But it also says, the word of God says he is a God, that vengeance is his. Vengeance is his. I say that again. He’s a vengeful God. Here’s a God that recompense. He pays back and he troubles those that troubles us Saints. All of that is in the word of God.

So, let me tell you one final reason that murder is stupid. And I’m not saying it for insult. I’m saying it because it is truth. You know, they have a phrase going now in our day. Speak your truth. Well here’s my truth, a murderer commits a stupid crime because the murderer thinks that God won’t do anything about it. The God won’t bring justice, but he will. It may not be in our timing, but his timing is perfect, and that’s the principle that I have learned more and more throughout my life and the lives that I’ve observed it in. God’s timing is perfect.

He will bring justice. He will, and he will bring retribution. That’s why I pray mercy. I pray mercy, grace, God’s grace. So to God be the glory to God Be all the glory. I ask for your prayers. I ask for your prayers and not just for me, but for my family and my son’s friends and all the people that were affected by his life and his death. They are really hurting.

And if a life has been taken in your family, I pray for you with the same comfort and compassion that God has on me and my family. I pray it for you that you receive it, that you walk into forgiveness that God has commanded us to do. I forgive that person and anyone that contributed to it.

I know they haven’t found the person, but I believe through the Holy Spirit’s prompting and showing me things that it was some people if not another person, contributed to it. God sees that too. He knows the intentions of our heart. It may or may not come out, but it just might. And even if it doesn’t, God still sees it. Guys still sees it. So that’s it for me today. God bless you.